My Design Process: Double Diamond

Each project I work on has unique use cases and requirements. I use the "Double Diamond" design process to begin planning my work. Using this methodology, I am able to research my initial problem, incorporate my findings and validate the problem statement. Next I provide a solution to the problem through ideating and iterating prototypes. Through user testing and continuous iteration, I am able to improve my design solutions.


Once I have developed the problem, I focus on divergent thinking, considering everything and anything while keeping an open mind, based off of the problem I am trying to solve.


After understanding what users feel and how they would use a product, I start using convergent thinking to narrowly define potential solutions to specific problems.


Here I open my mind again and being ideating. All creative, innovative, wacky and interesting approaches are welcome.


Narrowing my solution again, I begin iterating through the choice concepts.

Love the problem you are trying to solve, not your solution!